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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Changing the way I'm thinking~

Salam 'alaik...

I'm feeling down actually..

Why is it so hard to be a good student??
why is it so hard to be listed in the dean's list??

Actually i'm so dissappointed with myself because I've made a mistake in planning my schedule from the first semester I entered this university and it was really affects me now..

Bcoz of my recent cgpa which has been drop dramatically, i need to work harder and harder to put it back in a stable level and most importantly is to achieve cgpa of 3.5..
it really makes me sick to think of it..

I try to think it in a positive way..
everything happens for a reason, rite?..

and I've found a very nice article and the topic is..

Everyone has problems, the question is.. how do you handle them?

These is what the author has wrote..

You could go on an endless debate about how much more your life sucks than the next person. You may have had a bad childhood. Maybe you didn’t get enough love as a child. Maybe you’re in a financial bind right now. Maybe you can’t find a job and the economy isn’t helping you out. Perhaps your parents are getting a divorce. Maybe you’re starving because all your family has is food stamps.

These are all things that validate the problems we have in life. But honestly, the simple fact remains, there are other people in this world. There are others that you may judge to have a simple and easy life compared to yours. How do you know though? How do you know the inner workings of a person’s mind? How do you know what they have to go through on a daily basis without actually living their life?

It’s a hard concept to really accept because all we’re accustomed to thinking about is ourselves and our problems. This is rightfully so because it’s our reaction to surviving in this world. But maybe the focus shouldn’t be so much on the problems we have and whether or not we have it tougher than the next guy. Maybe it’s better to focus on how we handle the problems. How we GROW from the experience.

Life can throw a lot at you and it can be really unexpected. You have choices.. You can either roll with what life throws at you, learn a lesson and grow as a person. Or you can accept what it gives you, complain about it and accomplish nothing. I know I’m speaking in a bit of black and white here but to me, I would rather grow as a person and take every problem I have and make it into a more positive growing experience. I would rather learn from the mistake and teach others about it so that others don’t make the same mistakes as me.

I must admit, I’m not completely there. I know very few people that are and that can stay that way. However, if we can go forward in this life with the mentality that, yes I have problems, but what can I learn from them.. this place we call Earth would be a better place. Instead of creating more complaints in a world already full of negative media and press coverage, what if we can positively impact individuals and tackle problems together? What if we could collectively use our experiences and problems and develop solutions that will eliminate problems for years to come?

Everyone has problems. How are you going to handle them?


"I would rather grow as a person and take every problem I have and make it into a more positive growing experience. I would rather learn from the mistake.."

That's so true...

I'm feeling much better rite now..
I want to enjoy my life as a student and don't want to think a lot about the cgpa..
what is more important is the knowledge..
I want to study for the sake of Allah and not for the sake of c.g.p.a..
So, I'll try to study effectively and efficiently and leave the results to Allah..

Some advice to myself..

be patient and be strong!
Allah knows the best..
Good luck!
May success follow u..InsyaAllah..

p/s: sorry for any grammar mistakes in this has been quite a long time since I wrote an essay..huhu..

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