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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life is all about chocolate!

Life Is All About Chocolate!

I received a piece of Tesco Value chocolate

from a friend of mine on my 22nd birthday the other day, and I was touched by the sincerity of the giver, when he said that the most important thing is, it came from the heart. I was smiling ear to ear. Getting a piece of chocolate as a birthday present leave me wonder about chocolate and life for a while.

So I remembered a short ads of 15 Malaysia entitled Chocolate by Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad. At first I was blur and didn’t get the point she was trying to get across, but then I went browsing through the official web and read the simple synopsis which read:

"A quiet tale that reminds us that, despite the multifaceted contradiction of Malaysia, life goes on – even if not all of it is sweet." goes on, even though you didn’t get the sweetness of the chocolate..That is how life works..

Even when people don’t give you sweet words, instead, harsh ones for your thoughts and writings, who cares, life goes on…

Even when you don’t get the sweet of love you long for every moment of your life, who cares, life goes on…

Even when the sweetness of you fades away due to obstacles you have to endure, who cares, life goes on…

Even when all your sweetie sweat of efforts go to waste, who cares, life goes on…

Even when tears make your eyes blurry, making the sweet smile of yours gone away, who cares, life goes on…

Even when your own world full of sweetness crumbles into pieces, who cares, life goes on…

When I said who cares, I mean to say that you should not be bothered by what had happened; all you have to do is keep going…

When I said who cares, I mean to say that nobody will care about you regardless everything that happened to you except someone called a friend, so keep going…

Life is just like chocolate. Chocolate is not all sweet, it’s bitter. You’ll only appreciate the sweetness of chocolate, once you tasted the bitter part of it. All chocolate are a combination of bitter and sweet. So learn to swallow the bitterness than only you’ll rejoice the sweetness…

All chocolate comes in pretty wraps and boxes with ribbons and all. That is Life. It looks pretty outside, but it’s all temporary. You going to have to tear off the beautiful yet temporary wrappings, so that you’ll get your chocolate, means your life. If you don’t tear away all the beautiful yet temporary world of life, you won’t get to the core of life which is to Serve the One and Only God, Allah. You will only see the beautiful wrappings until you forgot your main aim and purpose, your bitter-sweet chocolate, your life. If you are blinded by how beautiful the wrapping is, you will not live a life.

All beautiful chocolates wrappings and boxes are not more than just a deceiving imagination. You might be deceived by the pretty wrappings, in fact the chocolates inside are not all sweet and delicious. The manufacturers use the wrapping to attract you, if you fall for the trap, you’ll be at loss..

Just how Syaitan makes every sins in life look beautiful an attractive, and if we fall into that traps, we’ll be in burning hell for sure. Have you ever tasted handmade chocolate you bought at the kiosks? They are not wrapped beautifully, and they look kind of shabby sometimes but trust me they taste heavenly. Get your delicious chocolates and don’t be deceived by the wrappings.

However, the thing about chocolate is, too much of it will harm you. You will always crave for it even knowing it might harm and cause your health. That is how life to us. We will always crave for it, hoping to live longer, praying to live wealthier, even knowing the hereafter is none but BAQA’.

The more affection and love you have for life, the less you’ll remember about death. The more you crave for life, the greedier you become, the more suffering is waiting for you in the end, the Jahannam. Just don’t love chocolate too much and don’t eat them till you get fat. Eat chocolate but with a sense of appreciating the taste, and so live your life, with a sense of appreciating the death.

And we humans are just like chocolate. We are bitter but we are all sweet. We might be bitter sometimes but others will find us sweet pass the bitter. We might be annoying somehow, bugging others this and that, but we bug them sweetly. We might be sickeningly stupid when we say and do stupid things, but we’ll be sickeningly sweet when others get to our point.

We make stupid, funny, little and grave mistakes, but forgive us with all your sweetness and kindness and we embrace you sweetly. We make stupid, naughty, annoying, lame and funny jokes sometimes, but you’ll find us sweet when we laugh together.

Life is all about Chocolate and Chocolate is all about bitter and sweet.

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p/s: btw, i am a chocolate lover...hehe ;)

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